FAQs Leadster

Leadster FAQs

Q: What is Leadster?

A: Leadster is a CRM for the front end of your sales cycle. Leadster helps you capture, communicate, organize, and follow up with all of your leads regardless of where you got them. It is available on iPhones and iPads with Macs coming soon.

Q: What does Leadster do?

A: Leadster is a personal assistant for sales folks who need to stay on top of their leads/ opportunities. Staying on top of all the leads regardless of where they come from and helping you stay focused on moving each prospect through the process is good for you and good for your clients.

Q: Who is Leadster for?

A: Leadster is for any sales professional who needs to stay organzied with incoming leads. That includes Real Estate Agents, Advertising Account Managers, Medical Sales Reps, etc...

Q: What kind of leads can you capture?

A: Leadster scans business cards, import business cards, import CSV (excel) files, capture email screen shots from online sources like Email, Facebook, etc... Or you can just do it the old fashion way and pull it from your contacts too.

Q: How do you help me communicate with the lead?

A: You can email, call, or text a lead from the app.

Q: Why would I want to call, email, or text from Leadster?

A: When you communicate with a prospect thru leadster your activities are automatically documented to include your next step? You can build custom templates for your routine emails and texts.

Q: Why would I want to document my activity?

A: As your personal assistant Leadster can show you instantly your history with each contact. Leadster can also help you decide what works well and what doesn't.

Q: How do you sync across devices?

A: Leadster saves data in your private iCloud account. Just like your iPhotos everything stays in sync. And you don't have to worry about anyone looking at your info.

Q: What is a 'Hot List'?

A: Leadster continuously monitors what your next steps are and keeps them organized for you? At anytime you can ask Leadster, aka ‘Siri’, for your hot list. It will show every current lead you have and what your next step is? Coming Soon: Not only that but it will also help you automate many of your tasks? Ask Siri to custom prepare all of your emails? Ask Siri to help you make all of the calls you planned? Or ask Siri to send out of series of customized Texts?

Q: What is a 'Nurture List'?

A: Not every lead is a hot lead. You quickly recognize which leads are urgent and which ones are 'slower burns'. These leads require you to stay in touch and cultivate the lead before they become a real opportunity. While active leads require urgent follow up to move them thru the process, these leads require you to put a plan in place where you stay in touch with them on a periodic basis. For example, you can decide to engage your 'Nurture List' 30 times a year. Leadster will manage that for you.

Q: What are Templates and how do I use them?

A: An important part of lead management is staying on top of communication. We offer templates to make it easier to draft emails and texts especially if you know you tend to reuse the same verbiage during different stages of the lead cycle. Example: You often meet leads as a part of your networking. Today, you just met Johnnie Appleseed at a personal gathering and you discussed how he might be in the market in a few months. You scanned his business card right into Leadster and it automatically created a lead for you. Then you select his lead and send him a “Great to meet you today.” text from the template. It has all the important information that you want him to see.

Q: Why can’t I just send him/her a text?

A: Of course, you can but by scanning his card, Leadster entered his contact info into your contacts, created a lead, logged that initial activity, and set your next step as sending him a text. Let’s say you met 5 other people with similar discussions. Your personal assistant just took care of the harder stuff. All you have to do is work thru your HotList which is repeating pretty much the same workflow. Making your life easier! And you won’t drop the ball on any of them.

Q: My data is not saving correctly.

A: Please check the following: Are you logged into your iCloud account. (hint: check your settings) Do you have iCloud Drive on? If both of those are on then check your memory. The lead data is stored in your personal iCloud (not ours). We do not have access. That is to protect you. However, if you are maxed out on available memory then you will encounter significant performance issues. Once that is set your leads will appear in all of your apple mobile devices that are logged into that same account.